17 January 2024
Dear Shareholder,
Lavastone Ltd – Annual Report 2023

The Board of Lavastone Ltd (the ‘Company’) invites you to attend the Annual Meeting of Shareholders (‘AMS’) scheduled for of the Company, 1st Floor, EDITH, 6 Edith Cavell Street, Port Louis’.

Enclosed here with are the notice of the Annual Meeting, the Proxy form, and the Corporate Resolution for your consideration.

We wish to inform you that following the Practice Direction (No. 2 of 2022) issued by the Registrar of Companies, a company is now permitted to send its Annual Report by any electronic means. Consequently, the Annual Report 2023 is available for access and downloaded through either our website using the following links:

1. Annual Report 2023:
2. AGM Notice:
3. Proxy Form:
4. Corporate Resolution:

Alternatively, you can access the Annual Report through the QR codes below:

However, please note that as a shareholder, you retain the right to receive a hard copy of the Annual report
upon submitting a written request made to the Company Secretary, Cim Administrators Ltd, C/R Edith Cavell & Mère Barthelemy Streets, Port Louis

Yours faithfully,
By order of the Board
Cim Administrators Ltd
Company Secretary